Post-Mortem: downtime due to hardware problems

One of LizardNet’s servers,, was unexpectedly down from just after 14:00 UTC to just after 16:00 UTC today (Wednesday 3 August 2016) due to its host Linode server suffering a hardware problem.  The problem has since been fixed, and all services should now be running normally.  Thank you for your patience!

The following is a partial list of services that were unavailable during this unexpected downtime:

  • LizardWiki
  • Ladies On Two Wheels forums
  • Star Trek Games wiki
  • Wikitroid Skintest
  • LizardNet Code Review (Gerrit)
  • LizardNet Code Explorer (Gitblit)
  • LizardVPN
  • LizardNet Minecraft servers s1, c1, c2, and s2.5
  • LizardNet’s Teamspeak3 server
  • Rav3nZNC
  • LizardIRC server
  • LizardIRC’s website
  • LizardMail services on
Post-Mortem: downtime due to hardware problems