28 April 2017: (Yet another) Reboot for Xen Security Advisories

This is a past/expired downtime notification. The downtimes specified below have been completed, and remarks/results are given below as well.

Unless otherwise noted, all dates and times are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), with time in 24-hour notation.

Update: The downtime was completed successfully at 11:20 UTC, and service is now back to normal.  This post will be updated again with the XSAs responsible for this downtime are made public.

Update 2: It looks like there were three XSAs responsible for this one: XSA-213, XSA-214, and XSA-215, with the former two being the most critical.  The QubesOS security writeup can be found here.

The Xen development team has released several critical and so far undisclosed Xen Security Advisories (XSAs), and as such, Linode (LizardNet’s provider) will be performing emergency maintenance on all of their Xen hosts. LizardNet’s sole Xen system, phazon.fastlizard4.org, will be rebooted as part of the endeavour to patch the Xen vulnerabilities before the public disclosure time of 2 May 2017 12:00 UTC. (More information can be found on the Linode status blog here.)

This blog post will be updated upon downtime completion, and when the relevant XSAs are made public.

The following server and services will experience downtime:

Date and time of downtime start: 11:00 Friday 28 April 2017 UTC (convert to other timezones)
Duration of downtime: Expected between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but up to 2 hours is possible
Status: Completed on schedule with no issues!
Partial list of services affected:

  • LizardWiki
  • LizardNet OTRS (emails sent to OTRS during the downtime will be delivered after the downtime concludes)
  • LizardNet Continuous Integration (Jenkins) (Gerrit will not be able to trigger any jobs during the downtime, and they will not be run after the downtime concludes)
  • LizardNet Minecraft dynamic web maps
  • LizardIRC server emerald.lizardirc.org
  • LizardIRC’s website
  • LizardMail services on phazon.fastlizard4.org (emails sent to phazon.fastlizard4.org users during the downtime will be delivered after the downtime concludes)
28 April 2017: (Yet another) Reboot for Xen Security Advisories