(Resolved) Networking outages caused by large DDoS attack

Unfortunately, it seems that the DDoS attacks have resumed.  Please see this updated post for more information.

Edit: This issue has been resolved; the attack seems to have subsided and service is back to normal.  The original post follows the break.

From the information available to me, including traceroutes and MTR reports taken at the time of the attack, this seems to have been a large-scale attack directed not at any particular person or server(s), but at Linode or perhaps even the datacenters themselves.  The attackers seem to have deliberately targeted critical network infrastructure in each datacenter, perhaps to the effect of causing as much disruption as possible.

Regardless, the attacks seem to have subsided, and service should now be back to normal.  Thanks everyone for your patience.


Original service announcement:

LizardNet is currently experiencing occasional networking outages due to what appears to be a very large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that is targeting all of Linode, LizardNet’s provider.  The attack is extremely broad and has affected numerous different services across almost all of Linode’s various datacenters, and possibly even other providers at those datacenters.  Until the attacks can be mitigated, which can take quite some time and can’t really be predicted, networking outages may occur, and these outages may last for hours at a time.  Up to date information can be found on Linode’s status blog – remember that LizardNet’s servers are all in the Fremont datacenter.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the attacks and the setup, this is entirely out of my hands – its up to the Linode and datacenter staff teams to mitigate the attacks, and I wish them luck.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for bearing with me and them.

If you are having trouble connecting to LizardNet services, simply try again later, perhaps in an hour or so.

(Note: LizardIRC has servers across various providers, though many of them are hosted by Linode in various datacenters around the world.  As the attack shifts from datacenter to datacenter, different LizardIRC servers will be affected.  For LizardIRC specific information, please refer to LizardIRC’s social networking pages: TwitterFacebookGoogle+.)

(Resolved) Networking outages caused by large DDoS attack

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