Post-Mortem: downtime due to hard crash

Earlier today, at 23:00:02 UTC on Wednesday 23 November 2016, suffered a hard crash resulting in a brief unexpected downtime.  The server was automatically brought back up by monitoring systems, followed by me verifying that everything is still functioning normally.  All services should be restored to normal at this time.  I have not yet identified a definitive cause for the crash; however, I will continue to analyze the data available to me and monitor for any further unexpected events.

The following is a partial list of services that were unavailable during this unexpected downtime:

  • LizardWiki
  • Ladies On Two Wheels forums
  • Star Trek Games wiki
  • Wikitroid Skintest
  • LizardNet Code Review (Gerrit)
  • LizardNet Code Explorer (Gitblit)
  • LizardVPN
  • LizardNet Minecraft servers s1, c1, and c2
  • LizardNet’s Teamspeak3 server
  • LizardIRC server
  • LizardIRC’s website
  • LizardMail services on (emails sent to users during the downtime will be delivered after the downtime concludes)
Post-Mortem: downtime due to hard crash

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