12 March 2017: Operating system upgrade on minecraft1

This is a past/expired downtime notification. The downtimes specified below have been completed, and remarks/results are given below as well.

Unless otherwise noted, all dates and times are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), with time in 24-hour notation.

Server minecraft1.fastlizard4.org has been scheduled for extended downtime to allow for its operating system to be upgraded from Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS (precise) to 16.04 LTS (xenial).  12 hours is being scheduled for this downtime, which should ensure that there is enough time to handle any problems that arise.  The downtime is scheduled to begin on Sunday 12 March 2017 at 21:00 UTC.  The downtime may last significantly less time if things go better than expected, or significantly more time if more things go wrong than expected.  In addition, due to the nature of the upgrade process, services may be partially available during the downtime – however, stability cannot be guaranteed from when the downtime begins until the downtime is declared to be complete and the downtime notifications are removed from display.  This post will be updated if the downtime completes early, or if it appears that it will take longer than expected.  In addition, due to the extended nature of this downtime, it may be necessary to reschedule it before it begins – this post (and all other posted downtime notifications) will also be updated in that case.

More details about the upgrade process can be found in this post.

Edit: The downtime and upgrades are now complete.  A few issues cropped up in the process, such as a couple upstart jobs that failed to properly migrate over to systemd, and some unexpected config changes that I’ll need to watch out for when upgrading my remaining servers.  Everything should now be working, though!

The following server and services will experience downtime:

Date and time of downtime start: 21:00 Sunday 12 March 2017 UTC (convert to other timezones)
Duration of downtime: Approximately 12 hours anticipated, but expected to vary
Status: Completed on schedule with no issues!  (Total time 5.5 hours out of 12 expected)
Services affected:

12 March 2017: Operating system upgrade on minecraft1

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